Dennis Road Automotive took really good care of my Mustang. I needed a few small repairs and Jeremy and his mechanics got her back and running in a timely manner. A1 service. Thanks guys! - Jason O. (5 Star Google Review)

Highly recommend this facility. James and Jeremy went out of their way to service my car so that I was able to continue my road trip without delay. Oil change, washer fluid, dusted brakes and a few other note worthy items for a safe and smooth trip. Everyone was very professional and personable. A great experience for a traveling visitor to the area.. Thank you! - Bud H. (5 Star Google Review)

The guys are always super friendly and helpful. - Chris P. (5 Star Google Review)

Exelente! - Humberto R. (5 Star Google Review)

Awesome staff and awesome mechanics and quality services.

I took my vehicles to James, Jeremy, Riley, and the team at Dennis Road Automotive for the entire 6 years I lived in the DFW area and - in my 26 years as a licensed driver who has almost exclusively owned higher mileage vehicles (i.e., no shortage of work to be performed) - I took vehicles to many other mechanics prior to that. Dennis Road Automotive is the best for many reasons: the utmost integrity, great customer service and commitment to their customers, quality work, outstanding value, and countless other positive attributes. They will treat your vehicle as though it's their own, including in their recommendations; Dennis Road earns enough work the right/old-fashioned way to where the last thing they need to do is drum up fake work that needs to be done on your vehicle and their recommendations can be taken at face value. If you treat the Dennis Road team fairly and with respect, and give them the opportunity to partner with you in maintaining your vehicle, then they will return the favor many times over and take great care of you. There is very minimal turnover among their mechanics for good reason, and James, Jeremy, and Riley have worked together leading the operation for years. As an example of all Dennis Road entails, Riley drove more than 30 minutes from his home to meet me at my vehicle on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend (i.e., the shop was officially closed) when the vehicle began leaking oil shortly after a recent oil change. The issue turned out to be completely unrelated to the oil change (an oil coolant line had begun leaking on a vehicle with almost 200,000 miles), but that situation defines who Dennis Road is and how they handle their business. When I moved roughly 45 minutes away from Dennis Road several years back, I didn't even think about looking for another mechanic closer to my new home - it is not possible that there is a better shop in the entire DFW area, and I'm grateful to Dennis Road for all they've done for my vehicles and myself in the last 6 years. - Ian K. (5 Star Google Review)

Great place, always takes great care of my vehicle! - Tiph S. (Facebook Recommendation)

Customer Review
When I took my car to Dennis Road, it was in pretty bad shape. They say you get what you pay for and I truly did. My car runs like new and I could not be any happier with the service I received! The reason why I say you get what you pay for, I had gone to another shop and they just kept guessing on what I needed, so I deceived to spend the extra money and find out what was really wrong with my car. It does not pay to take the easy route all the time because you will pay for it later. Thanks, Jeremy for all your help, Riley I appreciate you as well. I would recommend them to anyone I know.

We have 5 vehicles at Atlas Plumbing and they all go to Dennis Road when we have issues. The guys are friendly and get our vehicles fixed quick! - Bart D. (5 Star Google Review)

You guys provide amazing service and quality repairs. I couldn't be more grateful. I will tell all my friends your place is worth the drive. - Hester J. (5 Star Google Review)

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